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Melitta 80395 Burr 16.5 oz Whole Bean Kitchen Hopper Coffee Grinder 17 Settings
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Melitta Burr 16.5 oz Whole Bean Kitchen Hopper 17 Setting Coffee Grinder
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Melitta 80395 Burr 16.5 oz Whole Bean Kitchen Hopper Coffee Grinder 17 Settings
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Melitta - Coffee Grinder - Black
140 Melitta Coffee Grinders Video Reviews$29.99
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Melitta - Burr Coffee Grinder - Black
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Question is there a company that sells coffee makers that grind your coffee then make it to ?

Best Answer Salton Melitta Mill & Brew Coffeemaker We just got the Mill and Brew at Target for $60 and LOVE it!! For just a little more than the price of a regular coffee maker, we get a coffee grinder and maker built into one. For those of us who make a mess transferring coffee from the grinder to the filter, this gizmo is great!! I just put the coffee beans in the filter basket. Fill it with water. Choose the coarseness of the beans (there are seven levels), then press a button. That's it. But that's not the only thing. It's also a very nice 10-cup coffee maker on it's own. Here's 10 reasons why: First, the size. This coffee maker is a little larger than a regular 10-cup coffee maker but not as big as some grinder/brewer combos on the market. It's about 13.5 inches high, 10 inches wide and 11 inches deep. As such, it doesn't take up much counter space when compared to having both the grinder and coffee maker side by side. Second, the see through window gauge. With my old coffee maker, it was impossible to accurately ensure I filled the water correctly because the gauge was on the inside of the reservoir. With the Mill and Brew, the gauge is on the outside and I can easily see the water level from the outside without having to peer in from the top. Third, warming feature. After the coffee has been brewed, the heating plate turns itself on and off regularly and then shuts off automatically to prevent burning the coffee. Most coffee makers leave the heating plat on constantly so that the coffee starts burning after 15-20 minutes. Plus I'm always wondering whether I turned off the coffee maker before leaving the house. With the Mill and Brew, I don't have to worry about it (Note: Everyone should still turn off all appliances before leaving the house just in case). Fourth, the programmable timer. I can set the timer to start the grinding and brewing process automatically at the exact time I prefer. So I don't have to remember to make the coffee for my wife who wakes up after I leave in the morning. It does it automatically (assuming we remember to fill it with beans and water the night before). Because of the timer feature, there's also a built in clock that my wife likes as she can set it on the correct time (the kitchen clock is set 10 minutes fast to help me avoid being late). Fifth, no mess. I mentioned this before but the design is ingenious. The grinder is built into the filter so it's not like the ground coffee has to travel anywhere like in other models. Cleaning is as easy as taking the filter out and washing it. I was worried because some of the reviews I've seen mentioned the difficulty in washing, but I didn't have any problems. My wife, however, feels it's harder to clean because the inside of the maker doesn't come out for cleaning but the manual states that there's no need to clean the inside of the machine so I don't worry about it. The filter and parts surrounding the filter survived my dishwasher so that's another way of cleaning it. Sixth, no more filters. The Mill and Brew comes with a stainless steel filter so there's no need to ever buy paper filters again. When we tried using a gold filter 9 years ago, we gave up because we got ground beans in our coffee. But the technology must have improved because I didn't get any beans that made it through the filter. The coffee tasted just fine. [UPDATE-8/1/03...After months of use and washing in the dishwasher, I noticed that the filter screen was torn at the sides. So far, it still works...but no more washing in the dishwasher for me. If the filter mesh screen tears any more, it'll mean buying a replacement part because the grinder is contained in the filter basket itself] Seventh, the noise.'s not the most quiet contraption. But on the other hand, it's about as noisy as my old grinder. And because the grinding is done inside the filter, there is some sound insulation. On the whole, it's not too bad. Eighth, it works with either pre-ground coffee or whole beans. If someone gives me pre-ground coffee, I can still use it with the Mill and Brew. Ninth, safety overrides. If the top of the coffee maker is not fixed properly, the grinder doesn't work. This prevents people from setting the timer and waking up to coffee all over the kitchen. Note, however that it will still work if you turn it on without water -- it can't tell that you don't have any water. Tenth, the price. Most grinder combos go for $80-$100. Costco sells the Cuisinart for $69. But the Mill and Brew is available for $59.99 at Target and Can't beat the price.
Question Will a regular coffee grinder work for espresso?
What kind of grinder should I get for espresso beans? I have seen lots of cheap coffee grinders. But the cheapest espresso ones I can find are $400 or over!

Best Answer Get a burr grinder and make sure it'll grind extra fine -- espresso needs to be ground into extremely fine particles so it'll tamp properly. I bought one on a couple of years ago for under $50 -- I think it was a Melitta.
Question Help me make good coffee!?
So no matter what I do, I can never get my coffee to be better than "ok". The main problem is that it tends to have this sort of metallic hint to it. I've run my coffee maker through with vinegar water and then with water many times to rinse it, and a lot of times I just make it "camping style" (coffee directly in the water in a pot on the stove). I stopped using tap water and I have bottled spring water now. I've experimented with different coffee to water ratios and cooking times. Does anyone have any tips I haven't tried, especially for the metallic thing?

Best Answer Invest n a small grinder ($15-20) and grind beans just before using. Use a paper filter, preferably a cone (Melitta type) filter. Experiment with different beans. If you like Starbucks, use a bit more coffee, more finely ground and try darker roasts (I like to blend French and Colombian) Also, it may just be your coffee maker - some just don't do a good job. Try a cheap plastic Melitta cone on top of a mug or pot and see if the coffee tastes better. I have found coffee makers with cone filters make better coffee than ones using basket filters, like Mr. Coffee.
Question To Brew the Perfect Pot of Coffee ?
I have a 12cup Coffee Brewer and like a medium to dark flavored blend of coffee..If I have to grind it 1st I generally fill the grinder just enough to bury the blades. Already ground I use 6 scoops ( equals 2 mugs to 1 scoop / plastic scoop is about the size of a tablespoon ?? )...I have some friends that practically have to have a spoon stand up in a brewed cup of coffee, total waste I say.. At the price $$$ of some flavored coffee's on the market, yes I want to savor the taste but at the sametime I don't want to waste the coffee bean..Any ideas on a proper measurement, Thanks

Best Answer What scoop did the coffee maker come with is my question I find for me its one melitta scoop that is heaping to one mug of coffee 2 of them would be 4 cups. I don't know where your getting your coffee but I find flavoured coffee is cheap