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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Coffee Espresso Barista
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End Date: Thursday Apr-24-2014 15:06:21 PDT
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Proctor Silex Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder, White, E160BY, New, Free Shipping
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Vintage Kitchen Aid Hobart Burr /Coffee Grinder EUC
140 Coffee Grinder Review$24.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Apr-24-2014 15:31:13 PDT
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New KRUPS 203-42 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades
140 Coffee Grinder Review$22.24
End Date: Tuesday May-13-2014 10:08:39 PDT
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Yahoo Answers For Coffee Grinder
Question Are all coffee grinders only for paper and permenant filters?
Are all coffee grinders only for paper and permanent filters? I have heard once before that some coffee grinders are only for paper filters, and some coffee makers like mine have permanent filters. But since its just a coffee grinder, the grinder shouldn't matter on whether the coffee maker has a paper or permanent (reusable) filter right? Thanks for your help! So you can choose how thick or thin you grind the coffee on a coffee grinder? (sorry I am new in this area)

Best Answer Coffee grinders come in burr or blade models. Blade models break the beans into uneven and inconsistent sizes. Burr grinders work on the same principle as pepper grinders. They crush beans into more even and consistent sizes. Both grinders can be used to grind coffee beans for use in coffee presses, drip makers, etc. In my opinion, you should not grind your own coffee for percolators. Percolators are the worst thing you can do to coffee. The water boils (first crime against coffee), up a tube whereupon it hits the top of the bubbler like a fountain, falls back into the coffee grounds where it drains through (second crime). The tainted water is again boiled (third crime) up the tube, splashed off the top like a fountain, and falls back into the coffee grounds where it drains through (fourth crime). This happens again and again until the process is stopped. By that time what's left for coffee has brewed through the grounds enough time to extract all the acids and oils along with the flavor.
Question Coffee Burr machine or Grinder?
What is the difference between a Coffee Burr Machine and a Coffee Grinder?

Best Answer In the world of coffee grinders, you have two types. You have a blade grinder and you have a burr grinder. The blade grinder is the least expensive one to make. It is basically a small bowl with a blade in it. A motor spins the blade to cut and break your coffee beans into particles for brewing. The problem with blade grinders is that the particle size is not consistent. If you try to make a course grind for a press pot, you will still have plenty of fine particles that can either plug your press or seep through and into your cup. A burr grinder has a machined cone or burr that is adjustable in a feed shoot. The gap between the burr and the out feed area will set the particle size of the grind. The grind is much more consistent in size. In making good coffee, the first step you can make is to start grinding your own beans. The next step would be to use a better grinder. If you know that you really like coffee, get a burr grinder to begin with. It will serve you well for many years.
Question Opinions on coffee grinders?
I'm trying to do some research online to find a good, small, reasonably-priced coffee grinder for my kitchen, preferably from a store like Walmart or London Drugs. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Best Answer I've kind of wanted a coffee grinder for awhile now but real grinders were too expensive. I got an inexpensive "grinder" for Christmas. The word grinder is in quotes because most inexpensive grinders aren't really grinders. They're basically the same as blenders. If you look in them you see a set of blades that are just like the blades in a blender. You have no control over how fine the coffee is ground other than how long you have the blade spinning. But I was out replacing an electric can opener yesterday and saw a burr grinder that was under $40 US. You set the grind you want, put the beans in the top and it comes out the bottom into a small bin. I don't know about the quality of the device or how long it will last but at least it's a real grinder. Check the links below for sources and cost for you. Once you've found one or two you think you like you can see if they're available near you or if you need to have them shipped from an on-line store.
Question How do you choose a coffee grinder?
I've been using a blade grinder, which either completely powders the coffee or partially powders and leaves the rest whole beans. I've read that the preferred type is a "bur milling" grinder, but these vary in price from $30 to a couple hundred. How do I choose a grinder that will give me something besides powder.

Best Answer Unfortunately most people make their selection bases on price. Some people make a choice after considering 'style' or how it will 'look in the kitchen'. I have had several different grinders in the past 10 years and all were replaced after a year or less because they didn't perform as claimed or they just plain gave out. I finally decided to listen to a few 'experts' in the coffee industry and selected a MAESTRO PLUS for use at home. The 'experts' I refer to are Tom at SWEET MARIA'S and the good folks on the 'List' of Sweet Maria's. Not only is the unit a great piece of equipment (manufacturing wise) but actually does what it claims it will do. I get a consistent grind from Espresso to French Press with the grinder. It has made a great difference in my home roasted coffee taste. I also convinced the folks at work to purchase the MAESTRO also and we are thankful we did. While using a Costa Rican bean a small stone found it's way into the grinder and caused damage to the gears. Most grinders on the market would 'check' the grinder to determine if it was a production error. I contacted the Folks at BARATZA (the manufacturer of the MAESTRO) and they informed my that the unit was still under warranty. They asked for my address and sent a replacement with instructions on returning the broken unit, post paid, with no cost to me. AND the replacement unit is deleivering even better performance than the original. The unit originally cost us $125.00, but it also save use $125.00 for get a quality grinder. Hope this helps... Also posting a couple of links below